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Sustainable Energy Optimization

"SASTECH is a leading supplier of renewable energy solutions that revolutionize and redefine the way sustainable energy sources are utilized throughout Norway. We combine innovation and expertise to deliver tailored solutions that meet our customers unique needs."

Jarle Sølyst

Chief Technology Officer



Industrial Solar Energy

We utilize the latest solar cell technology to generate significant energy savings for your business

Heat Pump Installation

Efficient heat pumps that obtain energy from excess heat, water and geothermal. Comes with a 20-year warranty

Ventilation Optimization

Optimization of industrial ventilation systems in large buildings provide a significant reduction of the company's energy consumption

reduce energy costs

Why choose SASTECH?

Save Time

As a full service supplier we install all equipment, optimize the result and takes care of the operation

Save Money

Up to 50% savings on energy costs without investing a single penny

Reduce C02

Go green by investing in your company's future and helping the environment at the same time

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The customer journey


SASTECH presents the company's energy management strategy and decides whether a survey makes sense

We do an

The company's overall energy flow is carefully analyzed and we tailor a list of measures based on the state of the current equipment as well as needs

Hire us
for the project

We present the savings possibilities right down to the smallest detail and begin the installation of our green technology

Energy Optimization

Reduce Consumption

We are an energy optimization company dedicated to delivering
high-quality saving services. Our team consists of talented automation technicians, certified experts within ISO 50001 and ISO 14001 for energy management and environmental responsibility, as well as experienced employees with chemical-technical industrial expertise and project managers.

Renewable Energy Specialists

35 years of experience in the energy industry

SASTECH Installs The Equipment

We install and operate equipment for 20 years

Project Manager Pål Solberg
3 generations of heat sources in one and the same technical room

Pål takes us through the heat source history of Ernex AS and shows that even if the company is located in an older building, it doesn't mean that the building cannot be as energy efficient as newer buildings. On the contrary - older buildings are a perfect starting point to begin the work towards energy optimization.

Our Happy Customers

Solar & Heat Pumps

Bifacial solar panels
with heat pumps

  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Company profits increased
  • Energy independence

49 %

Annual Energy Savings

Heat Pumps & Energy Wells

From heating with
biodiesel to waterborne

  • Drilled 5000m of energy wells
  • Switched to waterborne heating
  • Massive increase in profits

51 %

Annual Energy Savings

Controlled heating & Solar cells

Grocery store, gym
and pharmacy

  • Energy production
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Lower carbon footprint

38 %

Annual Energy Savings

"50% reduction in energy consumption may sound like a lot, but that's actually what we're achieving together with SASTECH. The initial energy report formed the basis for an optimal process."

Sebastian Geverek
CEO, Enter Kompetanse

"When the heat pumps were up and running, the building's energy use halved and SASTECH achieved a 112 tonne yearly CO2 reduction. The industrial complex spent about 10 million NOK in total on the energy measures, whereas 4.1 million came through the ENOVA grant."

Øystein Ellefsrød
Owner, Andebu Næringspark

"We installed solar panels for 3 million NOK to supply the grocery store, gym and pharmacy with clean energy. Demand controlled ventilation and heating were also installed to achieve further savings."

Dag Arild Bakken
Owner, Meny Helgeroa
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